Cold Cobra Nebraska Evening

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been a cold, cold nebraska evening<br&> down by the docks, the ship hadn't come in for hours<br&> a girl selling pregnant billy glass flowers<br&> pink eyed and daffodils<br&> but i don't have any money to go home<br&> get out of my life baby<br&> i've gotta catch a plane to honolulu<br&> nebraska in the summer, nebraska in the winter<br&> it's enough to break your balloons boys<br&> your balls are green<br&> i've been waiting all my life for the ship to come in<br&> the damn thing aint been to port yet<br&> but there's no reason to give up hope<br&> because we still got, we got the flowers<br&> and pregnant polly bringing around the glasses to drink<br&> fill 'em up with blood, one by one<br&> having tons of fun, busting our balloons<br&> and polly brought emmanuelle grapefruit<br&> a guy billy cigarette eyed philip<br&> he sure knew how to swill his liquor, amongst other things<br&>