Church Or Stay At Home And Fuck The Cows?

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oh to choose to go to mass or to stay at home and fuck the cows<br&> all the sheep are on their knees and danny boy's behind the plow<br&> jilly jack steve, there she goes, with her rainbow pantyhose and bonnet<br&> there's a ringing of the church bell monday morning<br&> she missed it sunday, ringing of the bells<br&> where does the time go on the weekend, go?<br&> oh it's tuesday evening, put the plow in the barn<br&> the sheep too, the blade<br&> oh i cried when they were laid to sleep by some other man<br&> who i'd sold the sheep to<br&> now he'll have his way with them the way i used to<br&> i'll have to drain the pond, the water got too muddy<br&> and the ducks are dying, the swan keeled over<br&> thank god the cow's still living<br&> mary jane john terry jim joe, thursday morning<br&> church again, where had she been?<br&> she had to go again friday morning<br&> she had to see the doctor sunday morning<br&> he brought the hanger out<br&> oh how she cried like the sheep<br&> she cried and she weeped away<br&> it's monday morning, monday afternoon<br&> and soon it will be monday evening with the cows again<br&>