Candy Apples Red (5 For A Penny)

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candy, candy<br&> candy apples red, five for a penny<br&> candy apples red, buy one for aunt nelly<br&> yeah, oh yeah<br&> woah yeah, oh yeah<br&> woah yeah<br&>

candy apple grapes, five for a dollar<br&> buy them all up, will hear yourself holler<br&> woah yeah, oh yeah<br&> yeah, yeah<br&> woah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah<br&>

but then you'll buy candy apple oranges, three for a penny<br&> i ran outta apples about an hour ago<br&> lenny bruce is dead<br&> he cut off my apple branches dead<br&> before he died he said "i've got five cents for a..."<br&>

candy apple orange, twenty for a dollar<br&> i ran out of all of my other fruits, even the banana flowers<br&> oh yeah, yeah<br&> oh yeah, woah yeah, yeah, yeah<br&> now i'll have to sell my...<br&>

candy apple peanuts, fifty for a penny<br&> woah come and help me aunt nelly<br&> oh yeah, yeah we'll put up the house for mortgage<br&> woah, we'll even sell off what was left of our porridge<br&>

what's that aunt nelly?<br&> you've found something out in the shed?<br&> don't tell me, apples, yes!<br&> so now we'll have candy apples by the dozens for a penny<br&> everyone is happy now, even here comes doc nelly<br&> oh yeah<br&>