Bonnie Lonnie (Hangin' From The Old Cock Tree)

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well, bonnie lonnie hangin' from the old cock tree<br&> sonny jim johnny, come and suck on me<br&> i'll do the dog, i'll do the wash<br&> i may even cough up some hot cock, but<br&> johnny lonnie donnie, where has billy swan gone?<br&>

mmm, swanny jim joe<br&> oh, scardy cat jim<br&> here comes timmy tam tommy<br&> look at the skinny thing he's got in him<br&> waffling down cocks by the hundreds on that tree<br&> wonderful time here in alaska, how 'bout me?<br&>

ah, the damn branch broke and fell<br&> everybody fell inside the wishing well of love<br&>

jimmy john jimmy suckin on the ol' tit branch<br&> got him a waffle tit, it came from france<br&> lotta strange things around this world<br&> lotta crazy freak shows, don't you know<br&> the colonel set them all up around town<br&> oh, if elvis could hear me now<br&>

i said the cherry tit blossom tree with the apple gorged whores<br&> is being chopped down by billy blue bonnet sally green jack johnnet jim<br&>

that's the way it goes though<br&> when your nose froze up in belgium, you didn't scream or shout<br&> you threw your cock over your shoulder and you wa<br&>