Blonde & Beautiful, Beat-up (& The Bitch Was Young)

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blonde and beautiful, beat-up and the bitch was young<br&> and the diamond pearls strung from her neck<br&> oh give me another chance to strangle your neck tonight<br&>

(everything about her was blonde<br&> from her cunt to her hair<br&> from her hair to her cunt, she was blonde)<br&> (she was young)<br&>

blonde and beautiful, your chance had come and gone<br&> (you won't live too long while i'm around)<br&> to tell the tale<br&> and beneath your blonde curls, your black and blue eyes<br&> you 're a devilish girl and<br&>

blonde and beautiful, beat-up and young<br&> and diamond-ridden witch<br&> you were different baby<br&> i love you, i missed you<br&> and i still miss your (cunt)<br&>

(it's a shame you were a slut and not a bitch)<br&>

it was a blonde fur<br&> that you put next to your japanese blonde cunt<br&>