Blame It On My Moods

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blame it on my moods<br&> ah, you were thirteen when i killed you<br&> i was fourteen when i murdered you<br&> how did it feel to know the truth?<br&> i've been goin' through some crazy moods lately (them changes)<br&> my grades have been bad at school<br&> how are your moods?<br&> i didn't mean to kill you, you know that's true<br&> we had lovely days in the afternoon<br&> skipping school and tellin' our parents off, oh ho ho<br&> remember when we told the principal to go to hell?<br&> and he packed up his suitcase and took us at his word, our word<br&> some crazy moods we were goin' through, girl<br&> do you remember? of course you don't, you're dead<br&> moods are wrong, but life is a game still<br&>