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Introduction by Dennis Flemion

this song was chosen for the record and it seemed to make sense at the time--why a cover of a song by bob dylan and not an el frogo one i no know. i think i succeeded in wedding me two idears fer z song at hand though -- it 'twas to be dylan highway '61 revisited (ala "like a rolling somethin' or other") meets india (w/sitars & drones galore)<br&> "and it was- it really was" (we all love the movie titanic- who dozen-t)<br&> so while on tour with the tour that took me ears (the melon with the infinite colliers one)-we were out having dinner one night somewhere in the vast midwest wasteland- & i put it to mr. st patrick's day himself that if they wanted me to go to this sh*tty shoddy little strip bar of theirs that he'd have to promise to play guitar on his namesake-- so he kept his promise and we tracked him soloing acoustic at his house sometime i don't have the slightest notion what year. st bjorn thus thenceforth did affect an early mix mix of the track track track which rocked and rolled ever so down the track track trax- later on even more so, sitars (better sampled) and tambouras (well droning bits whatever the hell part of india they were hailing from) were added way out in way out utah (without the jazz) at chuckero's. the final stop for billy 1 though was in shy/chi-town with (the opposite of ) low-ler. there the track acheived true immortality -no more need zimmerman bob trek all the way on over to indiana (wants me) i mean india anymore- the himalayas had been brought to him- on a platter (not that it mattered)- 'cept it was cd and not vinyl what killed the beast.<br&> note the outro homage to "my back pages" (ala jah byrds) as a curiousity piece- peace note note -no word from bobby's camp after i eclipsed the original


The chord progression for the verse / chorus is / G Major / G Sus 4 / G Major / C Major / G Major / G Sus 4 / G Major / D Major.<br&>

The track "Billy", contains acoustic guitar by Jimmy, acoustic guitar solo by Billy Corgan and keyboards, lead and backing vocals by dennis.<br&>