Beating Up Animals and Children (It's My Specialty)

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beating up on animals and children<br&> oh i'll, i'll hurt any, anything that's crawling or, or moving<br&> i'll even tackle flowers<br&> beating up children and animals under three, it's my specialty<br&> you can't stop me, i got my sights set on your stroller with my b.b. gun<br&> i took the bat to the crib then i, i ran<br&> they'll never catch me or stop me<br&> they can't, 'cause i beat up children and animals for a living<br&> there was a mexican chihuahua on a chain<br&> with a five year old strolling past my house<br&> well, they, they saw the dog running away<br&> on a, with a, the empty chain dragging behind him what was left of the child<br&> 'cause i was through with my, my games<br&> they almost, they almost caught me<br&> but, i beat up children and animals for a living<br&> so nobody can win at this game but me<br&>