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Introduction by Jimmy Flemion

Song 5 off of our LP "Hopscotch Lollipop Sunday Surprise", is "Bear". It was written on November 22, 1994. The original title for the song was "She Wants To Be A Bear". The middle eight was written on May 6, 1995. Bear with me and bear in mind, as I bare my soul so you may get your bearings and relive the tale of the "Bear" :<br&>


Everyone loves the girl, I hear that<br&> Everyone loves the girl<br&> Everyone loves the girl, I hear that<br&> Everyone loves the girl<br&> I do too<br&>

"And if you're cool, and if you're cold<br&> I'm a bear", she said<br&> "Come to my heart, come in my lair<br&> I'm a bear", she said<br&>

Does it matter what she wears? Not really<br&> Matter what she wears?<br&> If she wants to be a bear, it's ok<br&> Everyone loves the girl<br&>

Everyone has a heartbeat baby<br&> Everyone has a heart<br&> You can throw me to the sharks, I've been there<br&> Everyone has a heart<br&>

Nobody wants to leave you, baby<br&> Nobody wants to leave<br&> When you throw your arms around them, baby<br&> Everyone loves the girl<br&>

I do, I do too<br&>


The chord progression for the verse / chorus is : F Major ( low bass notes one octave higher follow melody ) / G bass note bends back to F Major. The ("I do") interlude section chord progression is : A b in bass ( F one octave up pedals throughout progression ) / G in bass / G b in bass. The chord progression for the middle eight is : B b Major 6 / G minor 7 / C 9 (11) . The verse / chorus is a groovy groove, by virtue of remaining on the F Major chord and thus emphasizing the message of certainty and mimicking the lyrics and music. The "I do" interlude section, does a 3 note chromatic "sinister" walk down reiterating the devotion of the songwriter as the notes find their way back home to the F Major tonic. The middle eight "And if you're cool" section was written at the suggestion of Bill Corgan, who heard the song and thought it needed a "change-up". The supertonic, in this case G note which rings throughout this section, produces and conducts the warmth that the bear is insinuating.<br&>

Everyone loves the girl. That is a very large percentage. I hear that. That is the word on the street. Everyone loves the girl. She must be very lovely and lovable. I hear that. I heard that. Everyone loves the girl. Get in line, they're all loving her. I do too. I admit it. "And if you're cool and if your cold, I'm a bear", she said. She is saying, if you are in need of warmth, I'm your woman. I used to imitate the dialogue of Sissy Spacek around the time I wrote this song from the motion picture "Coal Miner's Daughter". "Stop yer growlin' Doo, you sound like a big ole bear or somethin'". Come to my heart. Love is offered. Come in my lair. Subconciously the memory of a fireplace placed strategically next to the bed may have stoked this idea. "I'm a bear", she said. A brown teddy bear was given as a gift and presented as a present, in that present moment of presence to the girl you heard that everybody loves. Does it matter what she wears? Not really. She spoke about trying on different ensembles. If you find someone who has it or is attractive to you, the outfit matters not. Matter what she wears? Wears a smile or a thoughtless frown, the feeling is the same. If she wants to be a bear, it's ok. Thanks for the go ahead. Everyone loves the girl. Confirmed. Confirmation, age 9. Every Christian bear hearted man will show you. Everyone has a heartbeat, baby, everyone has a heart. This is essentually true, it's what you do with it that counts. Move over Mother Theresa. Oh, no he didn't. You can throw me to the sharks, I've been there. This is a play on the word sharks, referring to a name of someone I knew. Everyone has a heart. It's almost as if the songwriter here is a doctor and is giving us news flash updates. Nobody wants to leave you baby. We've all been there. Nobody wants to leave. Difficulty parting with just a hug and a kiss. When you throw your arms around them, baby, everyone loves the girl. This we have all felt and know and recognise as a bear hug.<br&>

The track "Bear", consists of acoustic guitar, electric guitar and vocals by myself and keyboards and drums by Dennis.