Barnyard Boys In Heat (Just Experimenting And Enjoying Ourselves)

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come and give me something steamy to jerk myself to death<br&> give me a long headed weinie with a bambeenie<br&> an italian penis through my eye and anus with grease<br&> little monkey freddy<br&> making pastrami through my ass, anus<br&> in the hay, we rolled in the hay for a while<br&> barnyard boys in heat just expermenting and enjoying ourselves<br&> each off us had a couple thousand tits on our backs<br&> and we never looked back, else we return to teat entirely<br&> oh it's a lovely day for rolling in the month of homo may<br&> never look at girls, boys<br&> unless your ready to pay<br&> stick with the solemn tipped cocked red headed boys<br&> who will give you a nice roll in the hay<br&> hey, hey, hey<br&> sundown<br&> all the little worms came to the surface when the lights went out<br&> pieces of straw sticking up like yeasts in fright<br&> oh squeeze them hard with all your might<br&> engorged and red, gorgeous, each one of the boys<br&>

it's almost time for the harvest boys, to begin<br&> when they begin, even if you're a boy<br&> and you never thought you could and now yes you're pregnant<br&>