Banjo Bonnie

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banjo bonnie, laced with honey<br&> next to the corn bees in flight<br&> they’re nothing like the bee from your queen-flowered teats<br&>

banjo bonnie, father william’s honey<br&> sweet and teaty buzzin' around, you sexy thing<br&> your banjo’s playing songs to attract all the boys<br&> but you prefer girls, which is natural<br&>

banjo bonnie, william bring the honey<br&> her butter-corned loins are burning like bumble bee wax<br&> the teeth of the local bees are becoming annoyed with you<br&> you’re taking all the business away<br&> your banjo playing so sweetly like the honey<br&> it's so sweet and funny<br&>

here comes the fire truck again<br&> it's all the honey bees are gonna lend you this time<br&> you can’t be put out by any fire truck i know of<br&> that’s right because it’s<br&>

banjo bonnie, your fanny is funny<br&> when it’s buttered up and eaten by william<br&> and the other honey bees laced with honey on their wings<br&> and they’re flying, teats exposed<br&> all around everyone’s laughing<br&> but the dead bees you’ve eaten now<br&>