Bad Mommy

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Introduction by Jimmy Flemion

Song 10 off of our LP "Hopscotch Lollipop Sunday Surprise", is "Bad Mommy". It was written on July 19, 1995. A child needs a family. There is no getting around it. Everyone has a father. Everyone has a mother. A child needs a father. A child needs a mother. Subtract mother, add gypsy. Subtract mother, add nanny. There is no substitute for the nurturing love of mother. Subtract the goodness from mother and what remains is the story of "Bad Mommy".<br&>

Here is the story of at some point daddy's little girl :<br&>


She's been raised by gypsies<br&> She's been raised by nannies<br&>

Where's Bad Mommy?<br&> Down on the corner, gettin' fixed up<br&> Down in the barroom, dancin' away<br&>

Sweet daddy's not around<br&> Mommy's not around<br&> I'm afraid you're on your own<br&>

Where's bad mommy?<br&> I'm gettin hungry, nanny's on the way<br&> I'm gettin' angry, nanny soon will play<br&>

Daddy why are you up in the sky"<br&> Why couldn't they have taken mommy?<br&> Daddy what's beyond the sky?<br&> I don't want no, no nanny<br&>

I want sweet daddy, not bad mommy<br&> Sweet daddy, not bad mommy<br&>


The chord progression for the intro is : F Major / E minor / D minor / G Major / F Major / E minor / D minor. The chord progression for the verse chorus is : C Major / E minor / F Major / A Sus 4 / D minor / E minor / F Major / F Major (G in bass). The chord progression for the middle eight buildup section is : C Major / B minor (open chord) / A minor / C Major / B minor (open chord) / D minor 6 / G Major. The conclusion chord progression goes back and forth on : C Major and E minor before finishing on C Major. The melody of the song is simultaneously sad, beautiful, thought provoking, moving and soaring as it climbs to it's cresendo.<br&>

She's been raised by gypsies. Am I speaking of the mother or daughter or in fact both? For your answer, ask me in bed sometime. You'll never know what I might say in bed or for that matter in the back of a caravan. The lessons, the lectures, the teachings, the life long levitational practices. She's been raised by nannies. Let us hope and pray that they are in fact the ladies from the hit TV show "Nanny 911", with their gifted and masterful methods of child rearing. Where's bad mommy? If bad mommy herself knew where she herself was, her path, line and direction would be followed with the furious fervor of a disciple devotee on a quest for the mother of the year award. Down on the corner, gettin fixed up. Applying lipstick and poofing up her hair or fixed up as in, street drug lord here I come. Down in the barroom, dancin away. We've all seen them in days of old in some wild, wild west hoop skirt talkin' up the boys. Sweet daddy's not around. We'll get to his location later in the song. Mommy's not around. By choice. I'm afraid you're on your own. Mother's needs take precedent. Where's bad mommy? Her child could really use her right now. I'm gettin' hungry, nanny's on the way. Realistically, a mother's breastmilk has more life affirming nutrient's than a stand in nanny's. I'm gettin' angry, nanny soon will play. The promise of nanny playing with the child as opposed to mommy, creates more outcry and questions like : daddy why are you up in the sky? Apparently suicide brought him skyward, though conspiracy theories abound. Why couldn't they have taken mommy? A simple enough question, with the subsequent disappearance of mother and comfort. Apparently there are still lessons for mother's soul this lifetime before she reaches her appropriate resting spot. Daddy, what's beyond the sky? After here. The hereafter. The age old question. The young age question. The age appropriate question. Why am I here? What is my purpose? Patience daughter, patience. I don't want no, no, nanny. Understood. I want sweet daddy. With his candy hugs and sugary kisses. Not bad mommy. She doesn't want me, so the feeling is mutual. Sweet daddy. The father of his little princess. Not bad mommy. And all bad mommies alike, devoid of goodness.<br&>

The track "Bad Mommy", features acoustic guitar and vocals by myself and keyboards and keyboard melody arragements by Dennis.<br&>