Around The World (w/all The Men In My Arms)

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around the world with all the men in my arms<br&> around the world with all the men and their charms<br&> around the world<br&> around the world tonight<br&> around the world you never know what you'll see<br&> around the world i may take a piss in your cup of tea<br&> i may make love to you<br&> around the world, we'll see<br&> tangerines and elephants in the trees<br&> but around the world<br&> around the world with a man in my arms<br&> it's gonna be alright tonight<br&> yeah, yeah<br&> yeah, yeah<br&> yeah, yeah<br&> a couple of men came to my room<br&> we fell in each others arms oh the gloom<br&> beautiful take me once again<br&> you're charms are so exciting<br&> though the expense i can't handle<br&> i'll learn to live without you<br&> but i don't know how i'm going to handle the pain<br&> though i just said i could handle it, i can't handle the pain<br&> oh yeah, yeah, handle the pain<br&> pan handling, would you like to buy my pain?<br&> around the world in twenty nine days<br&> around the world circumcised at one age or another<br&> we're all going to be<br&> we're gonna be lonely just wait and see<br&> just wait and see, just wait and see<br&> without a man in your arms, it's not nice is it?<br&>