And So You're The King

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Introduction by Jimmy Flemion

This is the first blog on the songs I wrote (Jimmy Flemion) that have been released by The Frogs. I want everyone to understand how these songs came into being and to know what they are all about. I know 30 years ago when I was fascinated by someone I would collect everything by that person (LP's, 45's, picture discs, bootlegs, books, posters, clothing) and would love to know all the intimate details about them and delight in figuring out what they did and what they were all about. (My Elvis Costello, XTC, Adam Ant, James Dean and T. Rex collections were gynormous).<br&>

The first song is "And So You're The King" from our debut LP "The Frogs".This song was written on November 18, 1984. I wrote this song's lyrics at the hospital I worked in at the time on some scrap paper. The inspiration I believe stemmed from my astrological sign Leo being a kingly thing and my questioning of those who pretend to be king. It is not documented but my guess is that it was written on piano.The first song on our first album begins appropriately in the key of C major.<br&>

Here now once and for all the record will be set straight because it appalls me how people have my music interpreted on the web incorrectly with wrong tabs and chords. I have written over 700 songs, co-wrtten countless songs with my brother, as well as made-up (improvised on the spot with recording tape rolling over 1000 songs with my brother). I have been playing guitar since 1976 and writing songs since 1977. There is beauty and rhyme and reason to what I myself and The Frogs do. It is not by chance. It is my life. I have studied this craft for a long time and know it inside and out. I have written in every key, virtually every style and with a wide array of chords. Music and lyrics when pared together with the meaning and emotion of a song create magic. For those of you following on a path towards a songwriting career please study from the masters. In the early days only select people were allowed to play the lute for inharmonious sounds had a marked affect on the soul. Some of my songs are autobiographical, others are imaginations. Strong emotions that need to be expressed create some of my songs and others they seem to come from another world and I am just happy to have them come through me experiencing this wisdom from the other side of the veil and sharing them with you all. For all of you who have been moved and touched by our music I appreciate you all. My goal is to make music as beautiful as possible and a moving experience for both speaker and listener as we all try to approximate god.<br&>

Song 1. And So You're The King<br&>

The chords decend from C7 to C6 to C Major and then move from C Diminished to C Major. The "You Don't Walk The Way You Used To Do" section goes from A minor to A Major7 (add 9) to A sus2 to Gsus4 to G major back to C7 to C6 to C Major and then A minor / E Augmented / F Major / F minor Natural7 into the chorus which is F Major / Fsus2 / Fsus4 / F Major / Bb Major / G Major / C Major repeat chorus twice and then back to the beginning.The end of the song ends on an F Major chord.<br&>

The arrangement on the song as to how to begin and end the song was courtesy of Dennis Flemion ( You might have heard of him / brother / drummer / keyboardist / singer / songwriter / producer / album artwork designer / manager / and the one who came up the band's name / ( The Frogs).<br&>

Here are the original alternate lyrics that were nixed from the final released LP lyrics:<br&>


and so you're the king, are we supposed to bow?<br&> who died and made you king?, your kingdom's coming down<br&> you don't walk the way you used to do<br&> you don't act like<br&>

kings are strong, queens they long<br&> kings are strong, queens they long<br&> for the kingdom<br&>

and so you're the king who wishes to be crowned<br&> i'm gonna tar and feather your throne<br&> and blow your kingdom down<br&> 'cause you don't strut the way you're supposed to<br&> you don't reign like<br&>

kings are strong, queens they long<br&> kings are strong, queens they long<br&> for the kingdom<br&>


Dennis is responsible for suggesting "Blow Your Kingdom Down" instead of my original lyrics "Blow Your Candles Out" on the final version as well as adding -Dom or Dumb whereas my original lyric was "Queens They Long For The King" Dennis suggested "Kings They Long For The Kingdom" (King-Dumb). He also suggested adding the word do to my original lyric of "You Don't Walk The Way You Used To" making the final lyric "You Don't Walk The Way You Used To Do". When we played the song "And So You're The King" live back when it was written we did an electric version that at the end of the song had "Blast Off Now" lyrics Dennis wrote along with an A Minor / Cmajor / Bb Major chord progression he wrote and a coda that went from E Major to A Major with a Clapton-esque guitar solo over those two chords. That version can be heard on a CD at The Frogs store at on a CD entitled Pat's Session.<br&>

Pat's Session was a one day recording session cut live in the Nexxus recording studio in Waukesha,Wisconsin with myself on electric guitar and vocals, Dennis on drums and vocals and Jay Tiller on bass guitar on January 12, 1986. This was to be our first LP.<br&>

Until I met a girl who said that we could record at her soundman's studio where he worked at Pearl Studios in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. So fortunately and thanks to her we started the first Frogs LP on February 3, 1986. 995 hours later 19 tracks were recorded ( 2 alternate versions of Funhouse and Ocean Tide and a song written by Dennis "The Rapist"). There were other songs considered for the LP including Dennis tracks "Why Did It Have 2 Rain" and "Is Anyone Home 2 Love" which both songs can be heard on the Pat's Session CD.<br&>

The track "And So You're The King" on The Frogs first LP contains strings and keyboards written and played by Dennis, bass played by myself and bass lines written by Dennis, drums written by Dennis and played by the drum machine, acoustic guitars played by myself and double tracked vocals by myself. The only single track vocal on the entire LP is on the last they-ey-ey word at the end of the song. This is known as a melisma ( a vocal run or simple run) which is a technique of changing the note (pitch) of a single syllable of text while it is being sung. Most of the ancient cultures used melismatic techniques to achieve a hypnotic trance in the listener, useful for early mystical initiation rites and religious worship. The Beatles for example use a melisma in the song "She Loves You" on the phrase "Well I Saw Her Yesterday-ee-ay".<br&>