An Unwanted Child & A Wanted Man

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Introduction by Jimmy Flemion

Song 19 off of our LP "Racially Yours", is "An Unwanted Child & A Wanted Man". It was written on piano on June 14, 1991 between 12:45 and 1:55 P.M. It is a situation some find themselves in, as in not being wanted as a child and subsequently later in life being wanted on a wanted poster.<br&>

Here are the lyrics we want to read :<br&>


An unwanted child and a wanted man<br&> Are one in the same<br&> The prowler and the lamb<br&>

Brought up in the ghetto<br&> Where nothing changes much<br&> Souls are sold for money<br&> And love is out of luck<br&>

Given birth for some unknown cause<br&> Lookin' around<br&> For ma and pa<br&>

Given two choices<br&> A broom or a mop<br&> I'll take the broom<br&> And sweep this white trash up<br&>


The chord progression for the verse / chorus is : A minor / E minor / F Major / D minor. The chord progression for the middle eight is : G Major / C Major / D minor / D minor 9 / B b Major / F minor / G Major. I am self taught on piano. Personally for me, the notes, chords and structure are a natural extension to transpose from guitar to piano. I started playing piano in 1977. It is an easy instrument for everyone to make some sort of sound on, as the beautiful tones from the hammers and strings, produce an automatic boomerang response to the player. Being right handed my specialty would be in the chords and notes, as opposed to someone like Paul McCartney who is left handed and is busier in his bass notes in songs like "Lady Madonna", because of his dominant hand's adeptness. That being said, my bass notes for the most part follow the root chord and subsequent chords. I am humbled with admiration by those with mastery over this or any instrument and especially in the realm of the classical form.<br&>

An unwanted child and a wanted man. Some children are wanted as in planned parenthood and adoptive parents and some just happen to be Mr. Saturday night specials. To be wanted as in having needs fulfilled, the warmth of love. A child looks up to a parent, as a giant who can acclimate these needs and desires. A wanted man is wanted for father figure duties. All bad daddies hold the secret to love and fear in their trembling hand. Just one key unlocks them both, it's there at their command. A wanted man's photo is posted on a wanted poster. An unwanted child and a wanted man are one in the same, the prowler and the lamb. The unwanted child was not wanted and grew up searching outside of himself for the love he so desperately craved. Like Pinnochio, or translation Pine Nut as you know him, his world contains the hard realities of the need for food, shelter and the basic measures of daily life. Brought up in the ghetto where nothing changes much. You're caught in a vicious circle, surrounded by your so-called friends. I saw Lou Reed during his 1976 "Rock And Roll Heart" tour and again in 1978 on his "Street Hassle" tour. On his latter tour during his "Street Hassle" title song, Lou was in the middle of the song singing the song and when it came to the lyric when the band stops and Lou Reed says "Bad luck", a guy that worked at a record store called Mainstream Records yelled out "Bad Luck" before Lou could say the line. Lou, visibly pissed off, finished the song and walked off stage. After 7 songs, the show was over. Souls are sold for money and love is out of luck. When times are tough, during the lean years, the focus often ends up on the money aspect, relegating love to the backseat. When an interviewer said to Keith Richards, "All you need is love", Keith replied, "Try livin' off of it". Given birth for some unknown cause. Questioning one's reason and purpose for existence. You wanna talk about a deep lyric, this is one that cuts right or left through the clutter and goes straight to the core. How is it, we are here? On this land we walk. Lookin' around for ma and pa. When Richard Branson was 3 years old , his ma dropped him off by the side of the road and from then on he was on his own. By the way, he did alright for himself. Given two choices, a broom or a mop. I'ved used both at jobs. There are in fact more job choices than these two of the janitorial distinction. I'll take the broom and sweep this white trash up. The employee is once again fed up with his white employer.<br&>

The track "An Unwanted Child & A Wanted man", contains the original demo of myself on vocals and piano, with overdubs by Dennis ..boards and drums. The drums played throughout the track but upon playback, they came in just at the end and I thought it was cool the way it sounded, so we kept it like that. Like "When Doves Cry" by Prince, he heard the song on playback minus the bass guitar track that was played throughout the song, and when Prince listened to it, he liked it and kept it that way.<br&>