All You Need Is A Man Or A Sheep If You're Lonely (If You're Horny Stick With Sheep)

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you always do it slow, slowly

all you need is man or a sheep if you're lonely<br&> if you're horny, stick with sheep<br&> all you need is man and a sheep<br&> can be happy, don't need nothing else<br&> no other creeps

wooly afternoons in love<br&> surrounded by trees and grasses<br&> and here come again the irish lassie boys

all you need are irish lassie boys<br&> which would be the men and your sheep<br&> of course there's the mediterranean boy standing next to the tree<br&> we've gotta lump him in there too

all you, all you really need<br&> are these men and their sheep<br&> and bring yourself some valvoline

so all you need is the mediterranean boy<br&> the irish lassie kings and queens<br&> and get yourself a couple dozen sheep<br&> remove the eyes, blacken them like sammy davis sheep<br&> oh, love each one, teach them how to deep throat like lovlies<br&> have yourself a time, have a go<br&> see what you can discover 'neath the covers of the hills<br&> the lovely lands, the, the mediterranean boy<br&> the lassie kings and queens, the sheep<br&> and here comes over the hill, nelly's goat<br&> well, don't leave him out<br&> mmm, batter him about<br&> he's already black & blue, maybe you can squirt a little, add a little green<br&> add a little green