Adam In Eden

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slithering out of a stone<br&> slithering out of an apple<br&> i was all alone but slithering out of apples and stones<br&> the serpents came and i was alone<br&> but then they sent me a woman<br&>

they sent me another kind of serpent<br&> what games are you playing mr lord?<br&> i suppose i got no business talking soft<br&> you'd probably cut my balls off with a sword<br&> and i'll be cast out and flooded and all kinds of shit<br&>

so when do we eat around here anyway?<br&> come here boy i've got an apple and a seed<br&> take your choice, they both lead<br&> they both lead to god knows where<br&> you better believe that<br&>

my name is eden<br&> my name is adam, how do you do?<br&> fine<br&> wanna eat?<br&> sure, what do you got?<br&> i've only got a serpent and an apple or is at a serpent in an apple?<br&> i don't know<br&> i don't know either<br&> i don't feel so good after eating that apple in eden<br&> and i don't feel too good<br&>