A Portrait In Hell (A Drunk Jagging A Bag Lady)

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there was a portrait in hell of a woman<br&> there was a portrait in hell of a woman who loved a man<br&> there was a picture in heaven of a man with a man<br&> holding a dog by the leash<br&> oh, portraits all around us<br&> take a look<br&> there's a picture of a drunk jagging a bag lady off<br&> turn on's all around<br&> pick-me-ups and throw-me-downs<br&>

i never met a bagwoman who didn't wanna get whipped with a chain<br&> if we aren't wet we're not sane (or saved)<br&> if we're not hard, we're deranged<br&>

there was a portrait in hell that i kept close to my breast<br&> (kept it with the rest)<br&> i took it on board<br&> i'm bored without a picture of a bag lady<br&> jagging off in hell<br&>