3 Beatniks In Love (We Met In Bed One Night)

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two beatniks in love<br&> ah, we met through poetry<br&> three beatniks in love (three times fun)<br&> we met in bed one night<br&> what a lovely night it was<br&> but who remembers what a lovely thing we saw?<br&> the three of us greased down on a hot summer night<br&> and i sang something about starry nights<br&> poetry was my game<br&> and you laid with your hand across my crotch like anyone insane<br&> and when they passed around my beret on that fateful day<br&> and claimed i was dead, boy were they in for a surprise<br&> three graves rose up that night<br&> a rose in my hand, for you the poet was i<br&> the beatniks are we, and i'm sure free<br&>