2 Blacks Don't Make A White

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Introduction by Jimmy Flemion

Song 20 off of our LP "Racially Yours", is "2 Blacks Don't Make A White". It was written on June 30th and July 1st of 1992. I was at the library at my work, looking through books, when I came across a book with words in alphabetical lists. David Bowie or as you know him David Jones, used William Burroughs "cut up technique" with lyrics, writing something, cutting it up and then reassembling the fragments. For example in the lyrics to his song "Moonage Daydream", ("I'm an alligator, I'm a momma-poppa comin' for you, I'm the space invader, I'll be a rock 'n roll bitch for you, keep your mouth shut, you're squawkin' like a pink monkey bird, and I'm bustin up my brains for the words"). Here in this song "2 Blacks Don't Make A White", I wrote down certain words out of that book that I liked and strung them together, ("happy, today, blame, blessing, danger, hypocrisy, gallows, whore").<br&>

Here now are the lyrics that make up "2 Blacks Don't Make A White" :<br&>


Happy today<br&> Blame the blessing of danger<br&> The hypocrisy of the gallows<br&> And the whore<br&>

If I could<br&> I'd make white black<br&> And black white<br&> Every white has his black<br&>

2 blacks don't make a white<br&> Happy, happy<br&> 2 blacks don't make a white<br&>


The chord progression for the verses is : G minor / G b minor. The chord progression for the chorus is : G minor / G b minor / E Sus 4 / E Major. It is quite unusual to use a chord progression that starts out on a minor chord and then to go down a half step minor on the following chord, and unusual as well to end up on a major chord, a step and a half removed from the minor root chord. The song has a Leonard Cohen type mood feel to it. I saw Leonard on his "I'm Your Man" tour, as well as on his "The Future" tour. I had the honor of meeting Leonard outside after the latter tour show in Chicago. He signed my ticket stub asking if he could sign "To Jim" instead of Jimmy, so that he could fit it on the stub. He has a wonderful power of clothing his thoughts in the form of words.<br&>

Happy today, blame the blessing of danger. Even though we may not agree with friction in life, it is a necessity for growth and evolution. Some things are blessings in disguise. As mother's plaque stated on the wall, ("Troubles are the tools with which god fashions us for better things"). The hypocrisy of the gallows and the whore. Is it truly necessary to hang a harlot for providing a happy hooker service? Hindsight is 36-24-36. Keep her from the gallows pole. If I could, I'd make white black and black white, every white has his black. A penguin and a zebra are caught up in a deep conversation. 2 blacks don't make a white. Since when. Happy, happy. Are you happy now? 2 blacks don't make a white. 2 whites don't make a black. 2 rights don't make a wrong. 2 wrongs don't make a right. 2 blacks don't make a white. If a black male and a female procreated, the end result would be something other than white in tonality. 2 blacks don't make a white. This is an orgy, where 2 blacks aren't interested in getting it on and making it with a white. 2 blacks don't make a white. In the laboratory, the twin black Dr. Frankenstein-esque mad scientists were steadfast in their refusal to make a white. Make of the song what you will but "2 Blacks Don't Make A White".<br&>

The track "2 Blacks Don't Make A White", consists of myself on vocals and acoustic guitar and keyboards by Dennis.<br&>