(Winter 1989) Conflict 49

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THE FROGS-The Frogs (Frogs LP)<br&> <br&> Hard to explain this one...in addition to their 4 track homo-folk angle, Milwaukee's Frogs have existed as a real band for the better part of the last decade (check out the "thanks to Jimmy & Dennis Frog" on the lyric sheet to Die Kruezen's "Cow & Beer" 7"), 'tho the music they have chosen to put on their recorded debut bears little semblance to their breathru acoustic outings...for the last 8 years, Jimmy and Dennis have spent tens of thousands of dollars recording a bizarre glame/AM radio monster, a completely perverted blend of Bolan, Bowie and songwritingas commercial as it is truley sick..."Buried Me Alive", "Persian Cat", "Fucked Over Jesus", "Hades High School" and "Whether U Like It Or Not I Love U" are too gooey for words, 10 million hooks per tune rock'n'roll by 2 obsessed geeks, the deviant world's answer to They Might Be Giants...just remember that none of this has much to do with the Frogs' DARK side, that special world where straights are fools, lesbians rule and the homos are the coolest of the cool.