(Try Out My New) Sex Doll Baby!!!

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try out my new sex doll baby<br&> have a ball<br&> try out my new sex doll woman<br&> i got t' learn how t' slow down<br&>

try out my new sex doll darlin'<br&> try out my new sex period<br&> ride 'em fuckin' cowgirl<br&> better yet cowboy yeehah!<br&>

i got a couple questionable habits<br&> i fucked priests too<br&> i fucked a priest with a habit once yeah<br&> yeehah! ride 'em priest cowboy<br&> it's your birthday<br&>

it's a birthday boy salute<br&> twenty-one candles up in flames<br&> and one of them is my fist ohh!<br&>

have a sex doll party<br&> have a sex doll wing-ding, el paso style<br&> oh sex doll cowboy, hungry man style<br&>

sex doll baby<br&> have some sex doll<br&> sexy<br&> sex!