(Thank God I Died In) The Car Crash

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hello, how are you<br&> i'm fine<br&> i made it home ok<br&> i'm glad you were concerned<br&>

my face didn't get too badly burned<br&> in the car crash<br&> but my thighs were lacerated heavily<br&> the doctor took care of that though<br&> thank god it wasn't a female nurse<br&> thank god i died in the crash<br&> my ghost came to haunt you in a flash<br&>

oh the ghost of the man<br&> from the candyland car crash<br&> oh the sash is falling down upon his breast<br&> oh he did his best to breathe<br&> but he just couldn't<br&> oh they sucked on his lips<br&> 'til his head turned blue<br&> then his ears turned purple<br&> and the sun turned green<br&> and the light went out of the moon<br&>

car crash blues<br&> arriving dead in the morgue in the nude<br&> cold morning hours<br&> oh i didn't wear my best clothes to my death<br&> oh what will they think down at the parlor at best<br&> what will they think<br&> when they found i had 9 pairs of underwear on<br&>