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"Capturing the essence of folk music of true conviction." Yeah, right. The Frogs are not Peter, Paul and Mary, folks, but perhaps Gerard Cosloy's most brilliant signing ever, not in the sense of serious underground/indie rock but in the sense of entertainment for entertainment's sake. The Frogs are to homosexual pop what Tesco Vee is to he-man cock rock. Lilting melodies, acoustic and organ accompaniment, were it not for their lyrics the two Frog brothers could be the next huge thing in light music - light as in LITE FM - you know that stuff you hear in the Dentist's office? But all questions as to whether these two really are homosexual and really believe that this makes them superior to those of us more mundane in our sexual behavior is not the issue, obviously. This is good pop music and much to your own public embaressment may find yourself humming away at work such catchy numbers as "Hot Cock Annie", "Dykes Are We" or the soon-to-be-classic "Homos". Homo superiority? Who cares. Buy this record and enjoy it before The Frogs disappear into obscurity.

Yvonne Garrett