(July\August 1989) Option

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This is the Milwaukee band that Gerard Cosloy profiled as controversial, radical gay rockers in his Conflict fanzine. Now on Cosloy's Homestead label, The Frogs enjoy their wordplay ("it's a beautiful night/making love to every guy in sight" is a very mild example) in tunes like "Been a Month Since I Had a Man," "Baby Greaser George," and of course "Homos." We'll leave the analysis to the experts; I could care less whether or not this stuf is a one-joke gimmick, a liberation manifesto, or the product of two sick minds. The music is, believe it or not, fairly accessible folk: one Frog sings his odd dittties in the manner of a British bard, while the other Frog adds acoustic strumming and picking. An occasional cello is a nice addition; a few tracks have muted drums, percussion, organ and even toy piano. Open-minded fans of pastoral folk-rock and 60's Greenwich Village acoustic protest music may find some common ground here. The way I figure it, if the so-called "new feminism" purveyed by all these sensitive lady singer-songwriters is acceptable, then this is equally valid as the "new manism," uhh, "maleism," uhh, "maniless," uhh...

Fred Mills