(Don't Bother) Darling Daughter Dotty Is Dead

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it's a fucking shame my daughter ain't living no more<br&> they ploughed her with of drugs i've never heard before<br&> red rum with carlo to crazy rabbit zebra sucking dopes<br&> they sucked dope out of a pipe<br&>

now the girl is out of sight literally<br&> they said we'll be back later<br&> i said don't bother<br&> 'cause she's dead, my daughter's dead<br&> my darling dotty is dead<br&> we'll be back around eight<br&> don't bother she's dead<br&> don't bother my dead daughter, she's dead<br&>

well, they came back around 12:15am<br&> we're going to have a big bash mr. mcluster<br&> we've got a couple hundred reds<br&> fucking commies i said and they where talking about drugs<br&> i said why don't you apply yourself to a tombstone<br&> you confederate mother<br&> it's a shitty situation<br&> i get help no help from the confederate cops down here in the KKK<br&> they don't want to listen to my ears<br&> they don't understand why you're daughters been chewed up<br&> by these squirrel sucking racists and bastards<br&> playing with drugs<br&> they said we'll come back when she's alive<br&> she ain't, she's dead<br&> she's dead, darling dotty<br&> my darling dotty daughter is dead<br&> she's dead, she's dead<br&> dead, dead, dead<br&> my darling daughter is dead<br&> i can smell you fucking creeps doing heroin by the river bed<br&> she's dead<br&> we'll be back later for her<br&> i said drop the subject the god damn bitching daughter's dead<br&>