(05-10-1989) Sweet Portable You

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THE FROGS<br&> It's Only Right and Natural<br&> Homestead<br&>

Syd Barrett meets "Bobby Brown" meets Neil Young meets "96 Tears" meets David Bowie in San Fransisco.

What to make of this?

Well, the Frogs' IT'S ONLY RIGHT AND NATURAL is a nifty approximation and robustly good fun at the same time.

The topics: anything spanning the sexual gamut from the three-month old, leather-clad, fellatio-performing "Baby Greaser George" to the AC/DC "Hot Cock Annie" to the dual-male fantasizing of "These are the Finest Queen Boys I've Ever Seen".

They also have drugs. Lots of 'em. "How could I miss you with your drug-filled lips"? they ask. How would you respond?

And so goes side one.

As for side two, well, it wasn't as interesting, but in RIGHT AND NATURAL the Frogs have concocted a ballsy, unpretentious, rollicking album.

A novelty disk? Probably, but it's a great joke, made powerfully convincing and credible by well-crafted and thoughtful music, lyrics aside. Strains of opera, folk, blues and streetside carnivals find their was onto the album's grooves. And the Frogs carry these influences off so well it would be easy to envision them making powerful social statements on vinyl in the future.

But I doubt they'll do that.

And I don't care. It was a lustful bacchanalia while it lasted.