(05-04-1989) The Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 7

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The Frogs<br&> It's Only Right And Natural<br&> Homestead Records

Listening to the new Frogs album makes me feel good about the way my new Calvin Klein sports briefs fit.

This hot pink fourteen-track work is the latest "Milwaukee" band release on a national label. To say it's a departure from their first album is a bit of an understatement, but then again not. Some brilliant musicianship, egos and writing.

The production (dare I talk about such a taboo subject) isn't the same as the first album's (the "Sergeant Pepper's" of '88) but it is amazingly well-crafted for the lack of seriousness in the performance. Yes, brilliant, but less than serious.

If it seems like i'm himming (sic) and hawing about the album, it's because it's hilarious, great, stupid, offensive album of gay love songs. Hilarious-"fuckin' priest with a yeast infection"; great and stupid-eye of the beholder; offensive-take your pick, personally "Thank god I died in the car crash" turns my stomach.

This album doesn't really show the brilliance of the brothers Flemian, but it does hint at it, kind of like a silent fart in a potpourri shop. Anyway my recommendation is get this album or six pack of PBR and a close friend (same sex) and let happen what will; after all "It's only right and natural."

by Matt Krajewski