(05-01-1989) Station To Station

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The Frogs' It's Only Right And Natural (Homestead)

The Frogs are two twins who are gay supremacists fighting for a homosexual world, which is what they sing about. Graphically. Folky, acoustic guitars and angled harmonies remove the pure campy side of the music, although the giggles in the background make the material less self-righteous. At times the songs sound Renaissance-ish (the period, not the band), like "Greensleeves" in drag. They even remind me of Dave Van Ronk at times. This is one of the most "alternative" records i've ever encountered in awhile, simply because of the Frogs' choice of subject. I never wanted to know this much about their sex lives, but the music is interesting and they're more than just a one-joke band.

By Megan McLaughlin