(04-25-1989) The Milwaukee Journal

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What a waste. Milwaukee's Frogs have the makings of a great comic/psychedelic band, but they squander it on a series of infantile gay jokes titled "It's Only Right And Natural" (Homestead).

The gay bashing is done subtly here, with the Frogs assuming the gay viewpoint and describing fantasies in lurid detail. No matter what the approach, the intent is obvious. Anyone who spends this much time and energy making fun of homosexuality suffers from a serious mean streak.

What makes "It's Only Right And Natural" all the more troubling is the caliber of talent at work here. The Frogs make a great trippy folk-rock, and their pretentious, mock-British vocals are a scream. But the main impression the Frogs leave on "It's Only Right And Natural" is a penchant for vicious, grade-school behaviour.

By Thor Christensen