(04-07-1989) CMJ New Music Report

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Whether they "are" or "aren't" doesn't really matter, as the two Frogs brothers, Dennis and Jimmy, have scripted a scenario of gay/lesbian/child-molester antics, set to lilting acoustic/organ accompaniment, that's about as convincing and detailed as anything in the genre gets. The melodies and vocals, both carried along in the high wandering minstrel style, elevate the lyrics above mere wiseass crudeness. Comparisons to early David Bowie (especially notable in Dennis' theatrical intonations) or to Ian Anderson's less pretentious work are valid. Some of the words are a bit direct, but they're sung with the utmost sincerity and a reverent vocal flair, which, along with the band's melodic directness, captures the essence of folk music of true conviction. There's not much more going on here than lyrical novelty, and the music itself is what makes the record so catchy - believe it or not, you will find yourself singing along. In all reality, getting a lot of these tracks where your listeners can hear and appreciate them may be something of a trick, but college radio is about challenge, right? "I've Got Drugs(Out Of The Mist)," "Hot Cock Annie," and "Dykes Are We" are swell tunes that the FCC shouldn't know about, but you may get away with "I Don't Care If You Disrespect Me(Just So You Love Me)" and "Homos."